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November 21, 2023
November 21, 2023

With the digital era ever evolving and the presence of computer aided systems becoming the more common form, Access Sales & Spares has taken a huge step in developing an interactive software based system as an exciting alternative to assist with current methods of field servicing. Over the past 6 months, Access Sales & Spares has been working with CG IT Solutions in designing and developing a proto-type software programme that allows us to take field service to the next level.

The software enables our service technicians’ onsite to have the flexibility of transferring data from field to office or office to field. The functionality ensures clear information is delivered to the mobile service technician and provides an interactive cloud based support service with real time visual capability aiding in fault diagnosis and repair. Field service technicians will be able to complete service job cards more efficiently onsite, thus minimising costs, error and paperwork while maximising productivity and, to add, works towards implementing more environmentally friendly business processes. All of the above qualities combined equal reduced operational costs and enable Access Sales & Spares to pass the savings onto its customers.

Access Sales & Spares is proud to be in the process of designing and developing a custom service utility that boasts efficiency and excellence in the elevated work platform industry and foresee it to be a major asset with potential to become adopted by other operators on a wider scale.  

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