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Aurora Lighting Towers, a product line by Green Power Systems, offers versatile mobile lighting solutions for all needs. These low-emission, hybrid, and battery-powered light towers can be plugged into mains or generators. Aurora ensures top performance in all climates, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

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Green Power Systems, a brand with two decades of experience in developing generator sets and a presence in 126 countries worldwide, has leveraged its expertise to establish Aurora Lighting Towers. This is a new product line specifically designed for mobile lighting.

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Environmentally Friendly

Aurora Lighting Towers uphold the highest environmental standards in their manufacturing process, as proven by their ISO 14001 certification.

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Low Air & Noise Pollution

Experience unparalleled illumination coupled with minimal air and noise pollution.

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Series Connections

These plug-in options can draw power from either mains or a generator, with the added feature of series connection for increased flexibility

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Engine, Hybrid and BeAttery

Low-emission engines, hybrid, and battery-powered alternatives are offered, ensuring a gentle footprint on the environment.

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Access Worx have been with Aurora and Green Power since 2022
Aurora Lighting Towers are strong, reliable, handy and compact
Easy to move, practical to install and easy to use
Aurora Lighting Towers guarantee savings in operating costs and a long time of autonomy

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