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Green Power stands at the forefront of power solution providers, offering versatile generators meticulously designed for sectors from industry to civil protection. These generators boast solid steel frames housing integrated tanks, powered by world-renowned engines. The technologically advanced control units are a testament to Green Power's commitment to delivering top-quality, reliable power solutions, meeting diverse needs with unparalleled efficiency.

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Green Power, an Italian-based company, has been a leading manufacturer of generators since 2000.

Serving various sectors such as construction, industry, agriculture, and civil protection, they ensure quick market delivery and product customizsation through their in-house design and production process. Their two decades of innovative practice and dedication have established Green Power as a trusted name in the global generator industry.

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Very practical and easy to use

From 1500RPM generators to container based generators, Green Power have ease of use at the forefront of their products.

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Versatile Application

Green Power generators are designed for versatile applications ranging from building sector to industry and from agriculture to civil protection.

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Low Operating Noise

Green Power Generators are engineered to absorb and dissipate sound waves, keeping overall noise output to a minimum.

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Easy To Transport

All generators are easy to transport and place, making them perfect for various environments - from construction sites to farmland.

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Access Worx have been with Green Power Generators since 2022
Established in 2000, Green Power is a leading manufacturer of high-powered generators
Green Power have over 23 years experience in the Generator industry
Backed by superb Italian engineering, Green Power is renowned for innovative generators in an array on industries

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