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November 21, 2023
November 21, 2023

We all play a part in stamping our environmental footprint in the world. Access Sales & Spares considers itself a team player in promoting a ‘live greener’ environment by making smarter, energy efficient choices.

Access Sales & Spares is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our business practices in order to make our activities as green and impact free as possible. This makes sense from not only an environmental point of view but a business perspective as it translates into reduced cost and waste in day to day activities.

One of our aims is to help reduce carbon emissions, and part of the way we do so is by selling bio-degradable lubricants and we largely promote battery powered devices as an effective alternative to fossil fuelled machinery where possible.

Restorations:  Access Sales & Spares is proud to contribute towards safeguarding the environment with our recycling and restoration of all elevating work platforms. Through our partner service company Access Worx, we offer full restoration of all lifting devices including scissor lifts and boom lifts. Access Sales & Spares can repair, restore, rebuild, and recondition your machinery… Access Sales & Spares aims to save lifting devices from being demolished unnecessarily and the sale of used equipment represents a large percentage of our profits.

The majority of the equipment we restore is bought from end-users and may require an almost complete reconditioning. We carry out major repairs, renew safety devices, apply new paint and even affix new decals.

Access Sales & Spares follows a very meticulous policy of quality checks as our machinery is restored for sale. As a result, our restored elevating work platforms leave us completely refreshed and nearly new. They are reliable, secure and meet or surpass the manufacturer’s original standards.

Through our service company Access Worx, we are also part of a program involving the recovery of used oils. The used products are recovered and recycled for other purposes.

Access Sales & Spares also promotes the appropriate disposal of oils and waste products, as just another way to achieve a greener environment.

Access Sales & Spares has adopted the “paperless office”, a now rapidly growing innovation in the work office, and enables us to use our resources more efficiently and reduce our impact on the environment with reduced usage of greenhouse gases, fuel consumption and emissions. By going “digital” and sustaining a significant reduction in paper usage, the ‘greener office’ provides the ease of efficient information sharing, boosts productivity and also helps to increase company information security.

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