Backing The Brand

November 21, 2023
November 21, 2023

At Access Sales & Spares, when you do business with us, it’s just the beginning. Our philosophy is that you don’t just become another customer. We see it as the beginning of our working relationship together, something by which we can both grow with and benefit from. We make a commitment to not only provide you with an effective access solution, but also offer the service you need to maintain it when the game plan changes for you.

We strive to preserve close relationships with our partners and we extend this to our customers alike. We do this by providing all aspects of each tailored solution, beginning with providing the finance and insurance options to secure a strategy, to then provide you with a fully optional range of elevated work platform machinery. We then continue to maintain and build upon our relationship by offering you with any and all aftersales support and service. At Access Sales & Spares, we call this ‘Backing the Brand’.

It is commitment to service excellence that earns great reputation in the industry and how well a product will be backed is a question commonly asked. We work hard to uphold our reputation so that you can be confident you’re backed by a company who is looking out for you and working to keep you at the top.

The feedback of our customers is very important to us and reinforces our values as a brand. As much as we love to hear positive comments, we also want to hear the constructive ones. We aim to make every word count; as it gives us a better understanding of where we can improve our services and how to continue to provide excellent customer service. Thus, we encourage you to help us continue to improve by providing us with as much feedback as you can.

Access Sales & Spares actively stands by its core values:

  • Listening to our customers and responding  to their needs in an efficient and timely manner, with an approach towards  building and maintaining long term connections… “Providing effective  long term solutions, not just answers.”
  • Assurance, providing skilled awareness and  understanding of the industry we service through years of well-established experience and qualified expertise;
  • Willingness to pass on the skills and knowledge  gained by the leading pioneers of the industry to better the standards of service levels, we believe well informed decisions are always the best  ones.
  • To provide an affordable service and product alternative to all customers, by placing just as much value on the small business operator, as we do with the large;
  • Going out of our way to produce quality results and outcomes, with a focus on quality workmanship, and attention to detail.
  • Close connections through networking, bringing other areas of expertise onboard from outside the industry to have a more universal understanding on decisions, and to better identify our goals and objectives.
  • Keeping up to date with current information and industry related issues. Following the latest advancements in technologies. We strive to continually learn and seek to further our knowledge individually, and as a team. Being informed of our rights and responsibilities allows us to effectively have the ability to inform others of theirs.

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