Theft Prevention Security System

Is your heavy plant machinery an easy target for theives?

Having your heavy plant machinery stolen is expensive, inconvenient and frustrating. Insurance is a great peace of mind, but wouldn’t it be great to avoid the whole process in the first place? ...That's why it's essential to take appropriate measures to protect your valuable assets.

DataDotDNA@ is the Crime Stoppers Award winning popular choice for those who wish to protect their heavy plant machinery such as bulldozers and excavators and elevating work platforms. The technologically advanced, highly effective theft prevention system, DataDotDNA® is the number one option for your theft prevention, elevating work platform security needs.

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Access Sales & Spares will take care of the whole process for you, from application of the DataDotDNA® system, through registration process so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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How does DataDotDNA® work?

Thousands of DataDots are sprayed or brushed onto various locations on your machine.

The unique code on each DataDot is then stored on a secure national database, which can be accessed by police if your machinery is stolen.

The DataDots are almost invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected by a UV light and magnifying device.

It's virtually impossible to locate and remove all the DataDots, making it extremely difficult for thieves to sell your machinery or its parts without fear of being caught.

Warning stickers displayed on your machine act as a visible deterrent to thieves to give you the best possible peace of mind that your machinery is safe.

Your Access Sales & Spares DataDotDNA® Plant Protection Pack includes:

Coded PIN DataDots pre applied by our service department with enough DataDots to apply onto 40 different locations on your machine.

Warning identification deterrent stickers affixed to your machine.

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